What type of Wedding Photographs do You Want, to Make Your Venue Look Its Best?

With exception to another life changing moment, the birth of your children, your wedding day is one of the most important days you will experience and this can be remembered forever System.Drawing.Bitmap one of the best wedding photographers available to you. Your wedding only happens once so it is vital that you pick the best wedding photographer appropriate for your individual needs

Due to budget restrictions there might be temptation to get a friend or family member to take your photography. Yes they may have done the weekend photography course, but seriously think about it, before committing to giving the camera to a friend. Your budget can appreciate it, but these are your once a lifetime memories that you are gambling with.

When it comes to researching for a photographer, the first point associated with call is word of mouth. Do you have family and friends that have got married in Surrey and can provide recommendations? A wedding photographer that has an excellent track record and great testimonies will always put you in good stead and allow you to relax in the knowledge you have hired a high quality expert. If you don’ t have any kind of recommendations, a fantastic wedding photographer could be more than willing to show you their wedding ceremony portfolio.

Have you considered what type of photographs you would like? Reportage wedding photography is growing in reputation because more and more brides are quickly realising the benefits of having natural looking photographs rather than staged and rigid shots which can look too formal and unnatural. A fantastic reportable wedding ceremony photographer will be able to get the laughs plus smiles of you and your guests looking completely sincere in every shot.

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  • white man:

    I’m looking for some ideas on how to have a cheap, but pretty wedding. My fiance and I are getting married in August or Sept. of 2012 and I know we are not going to have a lot of money for a big wedding. We want 200 guests at the max. And nothing too fancy.
    So, I’m looking for info on saving money on music, food, flowers, centerpieces etc.
    Any ideas?

  • nathan:

    My fiance and I are planning a wedding for Nov. 20, 2010 and have a max. budget of $10,000 but if we can keep it under that it would be great.
    We have a few things that we are not willing to budge on
    -evening wedding and the date
    -our guest list, we have narrowed it now as much as possible.
    We have a family member who is a photographer who is doing the photographs as our wedding gift and my aunt used to run a wedding cake business so she is doing out wedding cake and all we have to pay is $75 for the topper and to help with some of the ingredients cost.

    My question is what is a good way to keep costs low with other aspects such as:
    Favors- we want to give favors
    Food- we don’t really want to ask people to bring food, he thinks it is tacky
    Invitations- I really want them to be nice like traditional wedding invitations, I have heard about the DIY kits but don’t know much about them.
    Center pieces
    How many people should I have per table
    Sit down dinner or buffet

    Please any advice is helpful and apprecited, would love to hear your wedding stories and how you planned a wedding with a budget.

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